When Is the last time you screamed at a book?


"I want to offend my readers. I want them to fall in love, to lose their minds, to think and feel and dream. If they're not shellshocked and hungry by the final page, I haven't done my job."


Whether it's a modern-day fairytale or hard-core science fiction, Jake Vander Ark attacks every story with brutal realism and down-to-earth characters. No subject is taboo. Truth is paramount.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago influenced his experimental quirks, while his pursuits in Hollywood hammered the importance of traditional storytelling. This unique fusion of structure and innovation brings to life the most beautiful girl in the world in The Accidental Siren, the gritty morality tales of Lighthouse Nights and Fallout Dreams, the cryptic prologue of The Brandywine Prophet, and the mind-melting climax of The Day I Wore Purple.

When Jake isn't writing, he's building rustic furniture for his small business, engaging with his readers online, and livin' it up with his dogs.

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Mara Lynn is the most beautiful girl in the world. James Parker is the ordinary boy who discovers her power.

James had his summer all planned out. He would enjoy the carefree days in the woods behind his castle home, avoid the maniacal Danny Bompensaro, and shoot an epic movie with his best friend Whit. But when he rescues a mysterious girl chained inside a normal suburban home, his summer collapses into a beautiful nightmare he'll never forget.

Told from the perspective of a man recalling his youth, The Accidental Siren is a twisted fairytale about young love, growing up in the 90s, and the frightening potential of infinite beauty.

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Suburban life has turned William Carmel from a drug-fueled prodigy into a gentle husband and father. When the voice of God commands him to construct a million-dollar theater on the hill behind his home, the budding prophet obeys and unleashes his dormant madness and savage creations on his family and town.

From the tragic prologue to the breathtaking climax, The Brandywine Prophet weaves a gut-wrenching tapestry of family, faith, obsession, and the devastating power of a little white lie.

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Jonathon and Gavin Nightly are in love with Hannah Lasker, a gifted artist on the verge of a meltdown. Their lives spiral toward heartbreak with the release of a controversial vaccine that grants eternal life. This "miracle cure" is only the beginning of a true-to-life technological takeover that pits friendships against progress, science against faith, and love against time.

From a subtle drama set in 1970s Chicago to the perils of the distant future, The Day I Wore Purple escalates rapidly into a mind-blowing tapestry of unrequited love and colliding galaxies.

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Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths. When Jules falls in love with their seventh target, she's forced to make a series of life-or-death decisions and a single, impossible change.

LIGHTHOUSE NIGHTS is a frightening parable about haunting regret, maniacal hatred, and ultimate redemption. This fast-paced story is as touching as it is twisted and highlights a disturbing new trend among American teens.

THE MIDNIGHT MASTERMIND SERIES is a savage anthology of pulp stories about Trevor, a charming sociopath caught between the love in his heart and the storm in his gut. Lighthouse Nights is BOOK ONE in the series, though Trevor’s adventures can be read in any order.

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Ava Lane wants to overcome her fear in peace. Mia wants to party.

The twins reach their breaking point when they move into an isolated house in the middle of the Arkansas woods. As Ava moves from accepting her fear to relishing it... as Mia exploits a tragedy to impress her new friends... the man hiding in the cellar watches their every move.

FALLOUT DREAMS plunges headfirst through trap doors, eavesdrops through hundred-year-old vents, and brews a pitch-black tale of voyeurism, illicit attraction, and a fiery battle for redemption.

THE MIDNIGHT MASTERMIND SERIES is a savage anthology of pulp stories about Trevor, a charming sociopath caught between the love in his heart and the storm in his gut. Fallout Dreams is BOOK TWO in the series, though Trevor’s adventures can be read in any order.

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