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Fallout Dreams

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second book with trevor

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word count: 48,169 

chapters: 3 + prologue & epilogue

months to write: 11

current book edition: 1

sequence: 5th book written, 5th published

where i wrote: for the first time ever, i wrote an entire book in the same house... though i did switch between three rooms.

WHAT I LOVED About Writing Fallout

  • following trevor
  • trying to create lasting suspense for as long as possible


  • walking the line with character motivations. they do crazy things, so i relied heavily on readers to help me see the forest through the trees.
I still remember helping my dad build the pedestals for the lions at The Castle...

I still remember helping my dad build the pedestals for the lions at The Castle...



although i usually write to wordless music, there are times in the book when i need something more inspiring than my usual writing playlist.

as you can see from the four songs included on this list, london grammar played a big part in helping me establish the mood for this book. the feminine, ethereal quality to every song felt like it belonged in a haunted home in the middle of the woods.

damien rice, disturbed, a perfect circle, and the killing moon all served as the dark, male undercurrent which cuts through the heart of fallout dreams.


Favorite Passage


MIA was nothing more than a force of attraction... a practiced seductress... candy-coated sweet peach tea and trevor drank her down in one easy gulp.
AVA, however, was moonshine; deeper with every sip, full-hearted, best appreciated in stages; the bottle... the smell... the burn... and someday, when the time was right, the sweet intoxication.
— fallout dreams





  • the exact wording used at trevor's climax in lighthouse nights was used for his climax in fallout



the evolution of fallout's cover is a bit truncated since it's my most recent book. brennan heldt, (bff and roommate) helped me with the photograph of the peach in the mason jar, and susie bailey (another bff) helped steer me in the right direction with the design. image #3 was her tremendous contribution.

i also made the mistake of assuming moonshine burned orange. when i was corrected, i not only had to fix the cover, i had to rewrite passages of the book.



i still have two ideas ready to go (one in the form of a screenplay). if trevor's misadventures continue to be popular with readers, i'll jump on book #3 of the midnight mastermind series!




if you have questions about fallout dreams, goodreads has a great Q&A forum where I can respond directly to readers. check it out!

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